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Winners and nominees of literary awards View all 39 awards
There're so many literary awards that it's nearly impossible to track all at once. Frontlist gives you a heads-up of award winners from small-to-large awards.
New entries to bestseller lists View all 20 bestseller lists
By closely monitoring changes in major bestseller lists on a weekly basis, we help you get to know new bestseller entries faster than others.
What other editors are acquiring View all foreign rights sales
Monitoring what's hot in the foreign rights market gives you a hint of what you should acquire next. See what editors in other countries are acquiring and get inspired.
New releases from your favorite authors View all 5,778 authors
We track notable authors from major countries, who've made significant achievement before. At Frontlist, it's very easy to stay up-to-date with your favorite authors, their new releases, and performance.
New releases from your favorite publishers View all 13,583 publishers
By monitoring more than 13,583 children's publishers and their frontlists, be the first to know their best titles, much quicker than others.
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From a local bookstore to a prestigious literary award site, Frontlist monitors and processes every bit of raw information.


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B. Kim (Publisher in Korea)
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