What is Frontlist Weekly?

Frontlist is a weekly report for acquisition editors and rights managers looking for foreign titles to acquire.

Every week, we review all the new children's books published by 13,906 publishers from 9 countries and feature 80 to 100 titles worth acquiring. Those countries include:

United States
United Kingdom

Which books do we feature?

By tracking hundreds of sources, we select books that meet the following criteria.

Among new releases & pre-pubs:

New releases from notable authors
Recommendations by book magazines and critics
Noteworthy titles hand-picked by Frontlist editors

Among backlists:

Award winners / nominees
Recent acquisitions of leading children's book publishers throughout the world

Titles that are not featured:

Titles that have been previously featured in our weekly
Titles with cultural and/or region-specific themes
Titles that were published more than 3 years ago
Titles that are independently published

Sources we're tracking

Authors & Illustrators
We track more than 4,702 notable authors and illustrators and their titles.
Renée Ahdieh
H. Easson
Kelly Murphy
Sarah Albee
Zoe More O'ferrall
Laura James
Marta Alvarez Miguens
Marta Álvarez
Adam Sutherland
Stephanie Laberis
Ana Albero
Chris Van Allsburg
Marina Rachner
Yann Couvin
Heather Lyons
Valeria Docampo
Alberto Díaz
Abi Elphinstone
Kay Frydenborg
Jen Feroze
Sandra Schmidt
Cynthia Alonso
Jennie Webber
Janis Mackay
Ruth Lauren
Nicola Edwards
Jessica Burkhart
Sarah Prager
Maria Neradova
Jennifer Castle
Tom Percival
Danny Wallace
Stella Baggott
Fiona Watt
Mark Sperring
Paul Meisel
Sarah Ward
Valerie Thomas
Sebastien Braun
Kirsteen Robson
Becka Moor
Karen McCombie
Holly Webb
Sylvie Bessard
Julie Mercier
David Bedford
Dick Bruna

Book Press

We track recommendations from the following book magazines.

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    United Kingdom


We track winners and finalists from the following children's book awards.

    United States
    United Kingdom

Bestseller Lists (20)

We track new entries to the following bestseller lists.

    United Kingdom
    United States

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