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Andy and Antsy's Accidental Adventures: On the Right Side of the Ravine
Original edition English Golden Masquerade Books
Text Language: English

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Scamper along the incredible journey of brother and sister ants, Andy and Antsy, and witness how they turn an accidental adventure into a life-changing event. Be there every step of the way as these two little ants from the left side of the ravine set out to explore the unknown world on the right side of the ravine. Watch as they discover what is truly important to each of them, while they travel through their vast and wondrous lands. Challenging obstacles seem to be around every turn, putting the ants in danger and making them question how hard they're willing to fight to determine their own fate. Can this brother and sister endure the rushing water to break free from the clutches of the colony? Or will they suffer at the hands of an angry mob?

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