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Decay (Tesla Evolution) (Volume 2)
Original edition English Insync Holdings
Text Language: English

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Book Two of the Tesla Evolution. Science Fiction Prize Runner up in The SPR Full Moon Awards 2014 Chosen as one of the top ten self published books of 2014 - the Bookbag SPR - 5 stars Foreword Reviews - 5 stars theBookBag - 5 stars IndieTribe - 5 stars When friends fail and cities fall, when enemies grow strong taking everything you treasure, what can you do? Strike back. Sebastian and Melanie crusade against the cyborg enemy, risking everything against betrayal's cruel bite. The Steam Academy is being rebuilt, but the city is not the same. The fortress of science-the last sanctuary from the marauding cyborg army sweeping the land-is being twisted by refugees as they flood to the city for protection. The world changes, power corrupts, and the enemy becomes harder to identify. Dark deeds are afoot, and friends are not who they appear to be as Sebastian and Melanie embark on a mission that leads them into the very heart of the enemy's territory, where they must face their darkest fears and risk losing everything that is important to them.

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