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Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom
Original edition English Outlaw Moon Books
Text Language: English

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To the world at large, Doc Wilde and his family are an amazing team of golden-skinned adventurers, born to daring escapades and globetrotting excitement! Join them as they crisscross the Earth on a constant quest for new knowledge, incredible 21st-century thrills, and good old-fashioned adventure! Now, with adventurous Grandpa Wilde missing, the Wildes confront the deepest mysteries of Dark Matter, penetrate the tangled depths of uncharted jungles, and come face to face with the likely end of the world in the clammy clutches of an ancient amphibian threat... THE FROGS OF DOOM! Now in deluxe illustrated editions, Tim Byrd's Doc Wilde novels recapture the magic of classic pulp cliffhangers for readers of all ages.

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