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Original edition English Nick de Blegny Publishing
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"Have you ever heard of the Elementals, magical spirits of Fire, Water, Earth and Air? I hadn't. I still wouldn't have, if my little sister Rachel hadn't knocked her latest toy into the fire. Okay, so it never would have happened if Mike and I hadn't been playing piggy-in-the-middle with her and her stupid little trinket. But how was I to know the Elementals were imprisoned inside? Or that once it cracked open, our house was going to become Elemental Central? Not your usual problem, you'll admit. Tricky, even. Likely to displease mum and dad, if they find out. Which I hope they don't - especially since Mike has been using the Elementals to get revenge on teachers. Not a great idea, as it turns out. And it's not like we didn't have enough trouble already, what with the trinket's original owner wanting to get it back, and not caring who gets hurt in the process. Sometimes, I wish I'd done what I wanted to do that first night when the house went crazy - packed my bags and headed for the horizon."

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