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Going Through Puberty: A Girl’s Manual for Body, Mind, and Health (What Now?)
Original edition English Lesson Ladder
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Puberty is an exciting yet challenging time for every girl. Respecting the universal yet unique experience of puberty for every girl, Lesson Ladder proudly presents Going Through Puberty: A Girl's Manual for Body, Mind, and Health. This book offers a winning combination of important facts about puberty and interactive activities to engage readers. Written by a young medical doctor with experience in healthcare education, this book features delightful illustrations, helpful medical drawings, fun facts, interactive activities, and quotes from real girls and parents throughout - it's the first and only puberty book with this combination. From personal hygiene to healthy eating to mood swings, this is a must-have book for any girl that is looking for well-balanced advice on her changing body to celebrate and accept the new and exciting transformation during puberty.

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