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Ms. Pig E. Banks: A Pig's Tale for Little Savers
Original edition English Ajshay James
Text Language: English

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Ms. Pig E. Banks is all about change-change in the piggy bank and change in the way readers think about money! Ms. Pig E. Banks invites children from ages of 2-10, to learn how to save and puts to rest the notion that money grows on trees. From the time their eyes flutter open, youth are bombarded with the idea of buy-buy-buy. One almost never sees an ad or campaign dedicated to the importance of how to save money. Ms. Pig E. Banks teaches kids how to earn money, save money and spend money wisely. In a society that is driven by instant gratification, Ms. Pig E. Banks teaches children needs-versus-wants and the importance of saving money for a rainy day. The act of saving money with a piggy bank is the first step for creating healthy saving habits. The journey begins as the book introduces the piggy bank, all the coins and currency that can go inside, and the importance of feeding one's savings. Emphasis is made on earning good grades, keeping a tidy room to earn an allowance, and saving for a rainy day fund. Ms. Pig E. Banks inspires a fun place for your children and adults to talk about money, how to earn it, where to save money and more! It's a whimsical introduction to financial education for children told in vibrant and inspiring watercolor hues!

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