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Revenge of the Mad Hacker
Original edition English Press Here to Start Publishing
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What would happen if a slithering cyberwoozle oozed its way into the back door of your computer and in one big SLURP, you were sucked into the Internet? Well, that's exactly what happened to surf-suckers Henry and Fanny Farkenworth. Now with no way to get home, they're in danger of being "moofed" and lost in cyberspace forever. And when the Farkenworth kids meet the Javaland kids, Esta and Finneus Pingle, it's all nasty at first sight. To make matters even worse, the notorious Mad Hacker is concocting Cydoom, her most wicked web virus yet. Complete with purple murples, spamdunkers and pop-up hucksters, the net-lingo is fresh, cyber-cheeky and ripe for a now-generation of kids, living in a universal world of computers.

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