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The Realization (Navy Seals Team 100) (Volume 1)
Original edition English Slater Sarai Publishing
Text Language: English

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His abilities to think-quick puts him steps ahead of everybody else. His skills in the martial arts puts even the best to shame. His knowledge of explosives puzzles naval officers. He is an eighteen-year-old Navy sailor who finds himself racing to beat ticking time bombs, doing unexpected helicopter jumps and trying to rescue the only girl that understands him. Is it all coincidental or is someone after William Tucker? Her father is the commanding officer of the ship. Her classmates hardly speak to her. Her crush is a sailor off her daddy's ship. She is a seventeen-year-old teenager who finds herself being kidnapped, being a stowaway on a ship, and just trying to spend time with the only guy that understands her. Is it all coincidental or is someone after Gwendolyn Banks?

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