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Tough Tug
Original edition English Two Lions / Amazon Publishing
Amazon US Children's Bestseller
Tags Picture Book
Text Language: English

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Tough Tug is a brand-new boat. He likes to swirl and twirl—and run and race. He wants everyone to see what he can do. But when he sails to Alaska for the first time, he finds out what being a tug really means…

Short rhythmic phrases on each page alternate with narration in Tug’s voice, leading readers through his experiences from splashing into the water for the first time to a daring rescue.

“The anthropomorphized boats have plenty of personality, and readers who study the expressions on the container ships will be rewarded…A brassy, assertive fellow—young readers in the middle of their own power struggles will relate.” —Kirkus Reviews

Authors / Illustrator

Rob McClurkan (US)
Rob McClurkan is the author and illustrator of Aw, Nuts! and Playdates Rule! and has also illustrated a number of books, including Lucy Loves Goosey by Linda Joy Singleton. He grew up in Tennessee, where his grandparents’ farm, Saturday morning cartoons, and the Sunday funnies fueled his imagination. Now, he lives with family near Atlanta, Georgia. He once visited Alaska, just like Tough Tug, and used that visit for visual inspiration for this book. 
Margaret Read Macdonald (US)
Margaret Read MacDonald is an American storyteller, folklorist, and prolific author of children’s books. She has published more than 65 books, of stories and about storytelling, which have been translated into many languages.
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