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Witchvine (Rhyme of the Willow)
Original edition English 3DAL, LLC
Text Language: English

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THREE LAWS OF LIGHTHAVENS Law One Do not leave a Lighthaven without permission. Those who left to explore Bramble Pass have never returned. The Blackwood Bog is Crow territory and can only lead to ruin. Law Two Stay away from any plant that could be dangerous. Fuzzferns may look harmless, but they will have one foaming at the mouth in a matter of seconds. Some plants, like Witchvines, have been known to morph into other plants, so keep a wary eye. Law Three Report anyone with plants growing on their bodies. The Green Witch has massacred the Fire Grove Council and is enemy number one. Do not attempt to attack her alone. There are also rumors of other Wilds with Witchvines. If sighted, you are warned to take extreme precautions.

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